Good clean recipes

Eat good, feel good.


I have become very passionate about learning what food really does to our bodies. This isn’t another diet plan or how to lose 15lbs in 4 days. Because lets be honest, neither of those topics ever really work out in our favor. I am starting this blog to simply encourage prevention and start to solve problems before they begin. There are so many people struggling with their weight that are looking for the right diet plan or surgery to lose those pounds that cause so many issues, but there is such a simple solution; you are what you eat. Many people make the mistake of trying to lose weight so they go to the store and start buying all these “low fat” “low calorie” products and don’t understand why they aren’t losing the weight. In reality all you are getting from those products is just more chemicals and more sugar and that is the problem. I cant treat cancer and I cant solve all the worlds problems but I can help prevent them.


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